yoga raksanam

Chennai, India

D V Sridhar

Sridhar, a post graduate in engineering from a
premier institution in India, worked in the corporate world
for over 15 years. Now he is a full time Yoga teacher
at his new institute, Yoga Raksanam.

After completing a Diploma in Yoga from the KYM
(Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram) he was a Yoga Consultant
for 12 years and the Director of Yoga Studies at the KYM.
During his tenure Sridhar has organised many seminars
for foreign groups, on a variety of subjects. His responsibilities
included training teachers by conducting two year post graduate
courses in Yoga. Has travelled widely to countries like Australia,
N.W., Malaysia and South Africa, teaching yoga teachers.

Sridhar's interest is in the area of sports, training athletes
to excel in their game by improving the physical and mental
aspects, and sports related injuries. He also conducts
in-house programs for corporations and businesses.

Mrs. Viji Vasu

Viji, a post graduate in Education, was teaching in
a prestigeous school for 14 years. She completed
her Diploma in Yoga from the KYM and worked as a
senior Consultant and Yoga teacher for 13 years.

Viji has taught extensively both Indian and foreign
students. She is fond of Vedic chanting, incorporating
the chanting with her teaching. At present Viji is the
Director of Academics at Yoga Raksanam.

Mrs. Radha Sridhar

Radha, a Law Graduate, worked primarily
in Human Resources for over 18 years.

She completed her Dipolma in Yoga from the KYM
and worked as a senior Consultant and full time
Yoga teacher at the KYM for 10 years. Radha
has managed theory and practical classes for
Indian dipolma students and for foreigners.

Now a full time Consultant and Teacher at
Yoga Raksanam she also teaches on a 'one to one'
basis, and at public schools and sports clubs.